Roth: The Essential Burn Unit Handbook





The burn patient represents a significant challenge to the clinician. Yearly there are an estimated 1.4 to 2.0 million burn injuries and 10,000 burn-related deaths. The Essential Burn Unit Handbook is a unique resource: a concise, pocket-sized reference dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, care, and treatment of burn patients.

This practical guide covers the spectrum of burn care, from initial assessment and treatment to long-term sequelae. It is recommended for use by the house officer caring for this often critically injured patient population as well as for use by emergency room personnel in the immediate diagnostic and treatment phases of burn injury.

The Essential Burn Unit Handbook provides a fuller range of day-to-day management modalities than the surgical house officer books. It includes sample orders and templates for patient presentation and organization of notes. Illustrations and tables are included to enhance the usefulness of this straightforward volume. References for further study are included in each chapter.

As an educational tool for the house officer assigned to the burn unit, and as a practical guide for all health care personnel engaged in the treatment of burn patients, this handbook stands alone as the most convenient, practical, and informative guide available today.

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2004.

Softcover, 141 pages, 50 illustrations.

ISBN: 1-57626-176-X