Santoni-Rugiu: A History of Plastic Surgery




This book covers the history of plastic surgery from the remarkable achievements of such ancient civilizations as India and Egypt up to the revolutionary techniques developed at the end of the Middle Age, the Renaissance and beyond. Coverage details how the knowledge of wound healing has changed and influenced plastic surgery, describes the development of various surgical reconstructive procedures and details the birth of Cosmetic Surgery.




I The Basis of Plastic Surgery: Development of the Anatomical Foundations of Surgery.- The Healing of Wounds and Development of Surgery.- Skin Flaps.- Skin Grafts.- Grafts of Other Tissues .- Short History of Anaesthesia.- II Reconstructive Surgery of Various Organs: Reconstructive Surgery of the Nose.- Repair of Facial Clefts.- Reconstructive Surgery of the Genitalia.- Reconstruction of the Ear.- Reconstruction of the Skull.- III Cosmetic Surgery: Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery; Early prejudices.- Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.- Facial Rejuvenation.- Plastic Surgery of the Breast.


Verlag: Springer Berlin, Jahr: 2007 (1. Auflage), Seiten: XVI, 398 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-540-46240-8