Grotting: Reoperative Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, 2nd Edition





Edited by James C. Grotting, MD, FACS

For more than a decade, Reoperative Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery has been widely regarded as the gold standard for secondary surgery, the best place to find full coverage of the entire spectrum of reoperative scenarios encountered by plastic surgeons.

Hailed as a classic, this book has become a valued resource for surgeons seeking solutions to common surgical problems. It is filled with clinical insights that are enormously beneficial to experienced practitioners confronting complex problems as well as to residents studying for the boards.

Comprehensive Coverage
This monumental two-volume reference offers today's most advanced surgical advice, presented by the world's foremost plastic surgeons. It covers the range of scenarios requiring reoperation: staged procedures, revision of unsatisfactory results, refinements and finesse procedures, recurrence of disease, and changes associated with aging and complications.

Inspect this brand new edition yourself. You'll appreciate its logical, thorough instructions for dozens of procedures addressing the entire range of plastic surgery of the head and neck, breast and chest wall, trunk, and extremities. The semi-atlas format makes reading and learning easy. Every step in each procedure is described and illustrated, including special tips, cautions, and clinical caveats you'll need to consider to address unusual situations or to manage possible complications.

The consistent presentation of each procedure helps to quickly locate and assimilate the information you need. You will also find detailed discussions of the common reasons for reoperation, crucial anatomic considerations, patient evaluation, and timing of reoperation. One chapter delves into the special psychological challenges presented by the reoperative patient with strategies for management. Another, on reoperative rhytidectomy covers new developments in face-lift surgery with attention given to facial shaping, scar concealment, hairline restoration, and midface rejuvenation.

The Contributors: A Who's Who of Plastic Surgeons
Dr. James Grotting, an acknowledged leader in plastic surgery, has personally written more than a quarter of the 50 chapters for this new edition and has carefully edited the rest. His contributors represent the Who's Who in plastic surgery worldwide. Benefit from the wisdom of this renowned group of surgeons who share their approaches to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and the special problems that require reoperation.

What's New in This Remarkable Second Edition?

  • Ten totally new chapters have been added:
    • Secondary Fat Grafting
    • Staged Procedures and Reoperations Following Massive Weight-Loss Surgery
    • Reoperative Head and Neck Reconstruction
    • Psychological Considerations for the Reoperative Patient
    • Endoscopy in Secondary Brow Lifting
    • Reoperative Surgery in Upper Extremity Burns
    • Reoperative Lower Lid Blepharoplasty
    • Avoidance and Treatment of Complications in Eyelid Surgery
    • Staged Sequential Procedures for Ear Reconstruction
    • Correction of Defects Following Liposuction
  • Over 25 chapters have been totally rewritten, many by new authors
  • Hundreds of new photographs, cases, and illustrations, all in 4-color
  • Key references annotated in each chapter
  • Multiple choice questions for board or in-service review in each chapter
  • Key points highlighted throughout
  • More illustrated, step-by-step operative sequences with detailed descriptions of technical nuances
  • 2 DVDs with operative video enhance understanding of procedures


Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2007. Hardcover, 2 Volumes.

2063 pages, 3000 illustrations. 2 DVDs.ISBN: 1-57626-180-8