Sheen: Sheen Rhinoplasty 6-DVD Video Library





In this invaluable 6-DVD set featuring 10 hours of video, Dr. Sheen presents clinical cases of a spectrum of rhinoplasty surgical procedures, basing the selection on years of personal experience in the specialty.

Adjunctive Techniques in Rhinoplasty: Variations in Alar Resection
The cadaver is used to compare the conventional alar resection with the Sheen concept of surgical planning using the two-surface concept and preservation of a medial flap. The clinical cases detail both the alar-only and the alar-vestibular resections in correcting a flared base. Dr. Sheen also illustrates his technique of using part of the lobule as a free graft to the alar rim to improve the notched nostril.

Adjunctive Techniques in Rhinoplasty: Septoplasty, Spreader Grafts, and Resection
Three separate adjunctive techniques are presented. The surgery is performed on a cadaver (sagittal section) illustrating the specific locations for incisions, the placement of a spreader graft, and the full view of the inferior turbinate with recommended maximum resection.

The Sheen Tip Graft Technique
Dr. Sheen's techniques for nasal tip recontouring are first illustrated on a cadaver using a variety of consistencies and patterns of tip grafts. Five clinical cases follow to demonstrate different aesthetic goals using multiple solid, bruised, and crushed cartilage grafts.

Primary Rhinoplasty: Malposition of the Alar Cartilages
This video defines the subject of malposition and demonstrates three different techniques for handling the problem of malposition in three clinical cases: Minimal to no trimming of alar cartilage with support of alar rims; repositioning of alar cartilages; complete resection of middle and lateral crura with septal cartilage grafts; replacement of lateral crura in their normal anatomic position with crushed; and resected lateral crura used as multiple tip grafts for tip reconstruction.

Secondary Rhinoplasty: Malposition of the Alar Cartilages
This video focuses on the classical findings of postoperative malposition. Treatment includes resection of residual alar cartilages, support of the lateral wall with septal cartilage grafts, and the placement of multiple tip grafts to reform the tip.

Secondary Rhinoplasty: Harvesting Ear Cartilage for Nasal Grafts and Maxillary Augmentation
This video combines two adjunctive techniques. Dr. Sheen demonstrates and narrates his current technique for a full conchal resection using the anterior approach and a partial (superior pole) resection. Dr. Sheen also illustrates a maxillary augmentation, using a specially designed implant.

Secondary Rhinoplasty: Problems and Solutions
This video illustrates how an expert deals with rhinoplasty problems. Dr. Sheen shares his thought process and solutions to a complicated secondary problem case.

Secondary Rhinoplasty: Alar Lobule to Rim Transfer
This video demonstrates secondary rhinoplasty on a short nose with alar rim notching. The problem is to increase the visible length of the nose and provide symmetry to a nostril that is notched and tissue deficient.

Secondary Rhinoplasty: Asymmetrical Alar Base
This video demonstrates secondary rhinoplasty on a nose that illustrates nasal imbalance and an asymmetric base. This case is especially interesting inasmuch as intraoperatively there is a radical change from the preoperative surgical plan. Resected portions of the medial crura expose a rather striking difference in nostril size, which was handled by changing the type of resection on the right nostril. The patient requested a softly rounded tip, which was the goal with specially formed cartilage grafts to the tip.

Secondary Rhinoplasty: Supratip Deformity
In this video Dr. Sheen focuses on how he repairs supratip deformities encountered in secondary rhinoplasty. His discussion includes patient preparation and anesthesia, maxillary augmentation, septoplasty, dorsal graft with septal cartilage, placement of the tip graft, and packing and dressing.

Innovations in Rhinoplasty: Augmentation/Reduction
This video features Dr. Sheen's special techniques using a combination of augmentation and reduction. The nose is exposed through a single intercartilaginous incision. There is a subtle reduction of a large dorsal convexity with no trimming of the alar cartilages and the upper lateral cartilages and no osteotomy. The dorsum is straightened by elevating both the root and the tip to appropriate levels.

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2011. 6-DVD library, 10 hours of video

(DVD case insert image from Constantian MB. Rhinoplasty: Craft & Magic. St. Louis:

Quality Medical Publishing, 2009.) ISBN:  978-1-57626-351-8