Gunter/Rohrich/Adams: Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters, 2nd Edition





In a completely updated and revised second edition, Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters is the definitive reference on primary and secondary rhinoplasty. Written and edited by the recognized pioneers of rhinoplasty, this two-volume set is no less than the "bible" of rhinoplasty, your complete and essential resource for performing advanced nasal surgery and giving your patients the results they demand!

Based on the successful Dallas Rhinoplasty symposium, this book-DVD combination covers it all - from basic fundamentals and anatomy to the latest refinements and advances in technique. Thirty-two new chapters have been added, including nine chapters on secondary rhinoplasty, which instruct the reader on how to optimally manage and correct deformities, as well as seven chapters on special topics, including Autospreader Flap, The Middle Eastern Nose, The Asian Nose, Hispanic-American Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty in the Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity, Management of the Cocaine Nose, and Complications of Nasal Surgery.

Every clinical case is discussed in detail and accompanied by Gunter graphics in four-color to effectively illustrate the surgical plan for each procedure. Chapters are presented in a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow format with informational side bars for quick reference and key points. To supplement these two volumes, three accompanying DVDs are included and present operative video on cadaver dissection, primary rhinoplasty, and secondary rhinoplasty using rib cartilage grafts.

The editors, Drs. Gunter, Rohrich, and Adams, and contributors represent the acknowledged leaders in plastic surgery. Of particular note are the personal approach chapters written by some of these experts who share their secrets for surgical success in rhinoplasty.

For up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of rhinoplasty, this 2-volume reference is a must and provides rhinoplasty surgeons with the tools needed for achieving superb results.

Key Features

  • Written by the leaders in rhinoplasty
  • Comprehensive case analyses facilitate clinical decision making
  • Gunter graphics depict surgical plans for each operative procedure
  • More than 3,100 color images
  • 32 new chapters
  • Key points highlight essential information in each chapter
  • Three new DVDs with cadaver dissection and operative videos

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2007. Hardcover, 2,300 pages and more than 3100 color illustrations. 2 Volumes with 3 DVDs.ISBN: 1-57626-223-5