Aiach: Atlas of Rhinoplasty 2nd edition




This brilliantly illustrated depicts both open and endonasal approaches to rhinoplasty. Chapters have been logically arranged, beginning with surgical anatomy and proceeding through the analysis of more sophisticated problems. The latest surgical techniques are included and shown in a clear, step-by-step progression. Numerous pre- and postoperative illustrations document the excellent results that can be achieved with these techniques. Dr. Aiach's thoughtful explanations combined with the excellent operative sequences and artistic renderings that accompany each technical description assist the reader in understanding the nuances of these procedures.

The accompanying DVD features 40 minutes of operative video demonstrating the primary rhinoplasty procedure from start to finish.

2003. Hardcover, 205 pages, 641 illustrations (all in color).

1 DVD with operative video.ISBN: 1-57626-160-3