Connell, B.; Sundine, M.J.: Aesthetic Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck

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Aesthetic Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck presents the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques used in facial aesthetic rejuvenation. In the current environment of “lunchtime facelifts” and “light lifts” that often produce poor results, this book fulfills the need for a text that takes a careful, detailed approach to describing high-quality aesthetic facial rejuvenation procedures.




The authors offer a wide range of perspectives and expertise in the specialty. Cutting-edge aesthetic rejuvenation techniques from the world’s experts x Covers surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation techniques

---Written by international experts from around the world with a combined five decades of experience

---Presents techniques that provide long-lasting results and are proven to be safe

---Enhanced with more than 650 full-color illustrations and photographs


Verlag: Thieme

Erscheinungsdatum: 11/2015

Seiten: ca. 390 pp.

Abbildungen: ca. 660 ills.

ISBN-13: 978-1-62623-089-7

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Neligan: Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Head and Neck




Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Head and Neck is a master work representing a unique collaboration among the world's leading microsurgeons who share their expertise and insights on the latest advances and techniques in head and neck reconstruction.

Comprehensive Coverage
Inspect this work today, and you will be delighted with its comprehensive coverage, logical organization, appealing layout, and beautiful 4-color illustrations detailing anatomic structures and step-by-step operative technique. The book is divided into seven sections with 44 chapters covering the full spectrum of problems encountered in head and neck surgery.

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Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2010.

Hardcover, 899 pages, over 1,000 illustrations.

2 DVDs containing operative video.

ISBN: 978-1-57626-269-9

299,00 €

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Marcus: Essentials of Craniomaxillofacial Trauma




Essentials of Craniomaxillofacial Trauma is destined to become a favorite with all students of plastic surgery, otolaryngology, and maxillofacial surgery, whether residents in training or experienced practitioners. Small enough to fit in a lab coat pocket but comprehensive enough to cover the essential topics in facial trauma, this exceptional manual is just the resource that you have been looking for. It will prove invaluable as a quick reference on the "front lines" in the emergency room as well as for use in daily practice, when studying for board exams, or simply as a refresher when confronting a difficult clinical problem. Lesen Sie mehr

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2012.

Softcover, 333 pages. Over 200 illustrations.

ISBN: 978-1-57626-332-7

69,00 €

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Jackson: Local Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction, 2nd Edition




This book is truly a classic, beloved by plastic surgeons throughout the world. Its strength lies in its simple, elegant approach to solving common reconstructive problems encountered by plastic surgeons at all levels of training. Its appeal transcends specialty interests, with aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons alike finding this book to be an invaluable resource for daily practice. Its comprehensive coverage makes it an essential addition to any surgeon's library.

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Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2007.

Hardcover, approximately 611 pages, 1200, 1200 illustrations

ISBN: 1-57626-249-9

310,00 €

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Feldman: Neck Lift




Neck lift is a popular procedure for patients desiring facial rejuvenation to restore youthful contours. A sagging neck and developing jowls are often the first visible signs of aging, and thus adequate correction of the neck becomes a primary concern for most patients. For many patients, particularly younger ones, a neck lift alone is sufficient to provide the lift they desire. For others, this procedure is combined with a more extensive face-lift procedure.

Neck Lift by Dr. Joel Feldman is a landmark work by one of the recognized pioneers in face and neck-lift surgery. Dr. Feldman's corset platysmaplasty technique has revolutionized the way surgeons approach the neck. His ongoing innovations continue to advance the field.

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Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum: 2006. Approx.

532 pages, 600 full-color illustrations. 1 DVD.

288,00 €

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Genden: Reconstruction of the Head and Neck A Defect-Oriented Approach




Removing a cancer is often only half the battle for the head & neck cancer surgeon. Removing the cancer might require removing large portions of a patients jaw, tounge or other vital structure. The aim of this text is to offer the readership a guide to the options available for head and neck reconstruction and the technique for achieving the optimal functional and aesthetic results. Lesen Sie mehr


Auflage: 1st. ed. Verlag: Thieme Erscheinungsdatum: 06/2012
Seiten: ca. 220 pp. Abbildungen: ca. 350 ills.
ISBN-13: 978-1-60406-576-3

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