Tonnard: Short-Scar Face Lift: Operative Strategies and Techniques





The MACS-Lift Has a Companion!
Short-Scar Face Lift: Operative Strategies and Techniques (Vol. II) represents the next stage in short-scar face-lift technique and a convergence of new modalities to enhance the results of facial rejuvenation.

Expanded Scope
The highly popular first volume on the MACS-Lift Short-Scar Rhytidectomy, by Drs. Patrick Tonnard and Alexis Verpaele, introduced surgeons to an exciting new concept in facial rejuvenation, one that offered shorter incisions, minimal morbidity, and reduced recovery time. In this second volume, Short-Scar Face Lift: Operative Strategies and Techniques, Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele build on that foundation and expand their scope. Together, Volumes I and II will give you the complete information you need for mastering optimal facial rejuvenation and providing your patients with the benefits of a short-scar face lift. It's a win-win situation for all!

World-Class Contributors
Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele are joined by the leading experts who share their insights and technical pearls on short-scar face lifting. The contributors compare and contrast their approaches to demonstrate the advantages and benefits of their individual techniques. In addition, they discuss ancillary procedures, such as the temporal brow lift and neck lift, to enhance the overall result.

Combined Modalities for Enhanced Rejuvenation
Best of all, comprehensive chapters on indications, applications and combined modalities help you select the best menu of treatment options for your patients and provide them with the results that they are expecting.

Comprehensive Coverage
This new volume is organized into two sections. Part I, Short-Scar Face-Lift Techniques, discusses indications, applications, and alternate short-scar face-lift techniques. In this section, the editors elaborate in two information-packed chapters on the different aspects of the MACS-lift and short-scar face lifting. First, an analysis is made of the rationale behind and the power of short-scar face lifting, which is not merely a face lift with a short scar. They also review the important lessons they have learned during 7 years of experience with the MACS-lift, including an update on complications, problems, limitations, and technical tips and tricks. They are joined by Dr. Foad Nahai, who discusses indications and technical considerations for the short-scar face lift; Dr. Joseph Hunstad, who lowers the threshold for learning the MACS-lift, provides a systematic step-by-step guideline to his approach; Dr. Mark Jewell, who describes the biomechanics of the MACS-lift and offers technical tips for success; and Dr. Daniel Baker, who describes his personal lateral SMASectomy short-scar face-lift technique and compares it to other comparable and convergent techniques.

Part II focuses on Combined Approaches and Ancillary Treatments for facial rejuvenation. In this section, Dr. Daniel Labb describes and discusses the anatomic basis of minimally invasive neck correction through a short scar, and Dr. Alain Fogli details his simple and safe technique for temporal lifting. Finally, Dr. Thomas Roberts brings all of these techniques and treatments into perspective through his analysis of the volumetric concept of facial rejuvenation. He provides an in-depth discussion of facial fat micrografting and how the synergistic use of multiple surgical and nonsurgical modalities can lead to superior results.

This semi-atlas has it all: step-by-step surgical instruction, tips and tricks, and technical pearls. With beautiful, 4-color illustrations and numerous case examples, this book provides the ultimate surgical instruction that will allow you to incorporate this procedure into your practice. An accompanying DVD provides operative video of the MACS-lift, the short-scar temporal lift, microfat grafting, and erbium-YAG laser resurfacing.

Key Techniques and Concepts

  • Short-scar face lift
  • Short-scar temporal lift
  • The volumetric concept of facial rejuvenation
  • Facial micro fat grafting
  • Subcutaneous suture sculpturing techniques
  • Biomechanics of the MACS-lift
  • Anatomic basis of platysma suspension

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2007.

Hardcover, 428 pages, 755 illustrations. 1 DVD.

ISBN: 1-57626-254-5