Shiffmann/...: Simplified Facial Rejuvenation





Simplified Facial Rejuvenation is divided into sections that include anatomy and anesthesia, classifications, dermatologic procedures, suture lifts, surgical variations of the face, surgical variations of the eyes, brow, neck, lips, nose ear, and scalp, and medical legal aspects. The book presents multiple variations of suture lift procedures to allow the physician to decide which is best. Unique surgical procedures of the face are presented, many of which are techniques of minimal incision facelift. The book brings together the more popular procedures for patients that include simpler methods of facial rejuvenation with less pain, shorter recovery time, lower cost, and fewer complications.




From the contents: Section I: Anatomy and Anesthesia.- Section II: Classifications.- Section III: Dermatology.- Section IV: Facial Fillers and Implants.- Section V: Suture Lifts.- The Facial Thread Lift: History and Technique.- Bidirectional, Non-Anchored Suture Lifts.- Soft Lift for the Face.- Anti-Gravity/Elevation Lift: Facelifting Without Incisions Using Absorbable Barbed Sutures.- Curl Lift: A Rediscovered Technique.- Barbed Thread Facelift: A Personal Journey.- Transcutaneous Facelift.- Biolifting Reabsorbable Threads and Fillers for .- Wrinkles.- Percutaneous Eyebrow Lift.- Suture Lift of the Nasal Tip.- Section VI: Surgical Variations: Face.- Section VII: Surgical Variations: Hair, Brow, Eye, Ear, Nose, Lips, Chin, Neck.- Aesthetic Principles for Hair Restoration.- Follicular-Unit and Multiple Follicular-Unit.- Hair Restoration.- Mesotherapy for Treatment of Male Type .- Alopecia.- Mesh Neck Lift.- Adam?s Apple Reduction.- Section VIII: Medical Legal and Commentary.- Medical Legal.- Editor?s Commentary.- Index.


Auflage: 1st Edition. Softcover version of original hardcover edition 2008
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