Coleman: Structural Fat Grafting





Fat grafting is rapidly becoming one of the most requested procedures for a new generation. It offers a valuable tool to address patient demands for less invasive cosmetic procedures that produce natural, long-lasting results.

Structural Fat Grafting, written by Dr. Sydney Coleman, who helped pioneer this technique, is the first comprehensive work on this topic. It provides surgeons with the expert guidance needed to master this technique for a wide variety of applications, including facial and hand rejuvenation, adjustment of facial proportions, and correction of liposuction deformities.

This remarkable book presents a revolutionary new model for analyzing facial aging that is destined to dramatically alter the way you analyze and treat patients. Each clinical chapter is a monograph unto itself, filled with case presentations, tips and tricks, and sound advice to guide the surgeon through the key maneuvers necessary for fat grafting in each anatomic area.

Beautifully illustrated with step-by-step photographs and illustrations, it provides a complete blueprint for achieving positive, repeatable outcomes from a procedure that offers an alternative to operations that elevate and tighten. Numerous preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative views are included to demonstrate the efficacy of structural fat grafting and the excellent long-term results that can be expected.

Dr. Coleman's technique for preparation, harvest, refinement, and placement of fat is carefully detailed to help you achieve long-lasting, stable results. Information about incisions, levels of infiltration, volume ranges, technical considerations, key strategies, most likely technical mistakes, and possible complications are included in each chapter to provide the reader with the guidance for performing this technique for a variety of clinical applications. The accompanying CD features operative video demonstrating fat grafting techniques in various anatomic areas.

Readers will find this exciting volume invaluable as they discover the full arsenal of skills required to master this increasingly popular procedure.

Learn Exciting, New Ways to Approach Classic Problems

  • Lowering and restoring the jawline to its original contour rather than tightening and elevating it
  •   Filling in the tear-trough deformity of the lower eyelid instead of excising and suspending it
  • Increasing vermilion show rather than increasing lip size
  • Making the dorsal hand fuller rather than fatter
  • Restoring lost subcutaneous tissue under acne scars instead of treating the surface of the scars

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2004.

Hardcover, 404 pages, 700 color illustrations.

1 CD with operative video. ISBN: 1-57626-133-6