Botti: Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Volume 1: Midface




ll keep to an essential introduction of anatomy, followed by pictures of different cases that have to be dealt with.
These will then refer to the specific surgical solutions, which have been photographed stage by stage in every possible detail.
The written text will be deliberately limited to what we consider indespensable, and will be provided with images that will not leave too much room for any doubts or fantasies.
The volume will include a few chapters dedicated to specific topics such as the naso-jugal and labio-mandibular grooves, the use of implants, the maxillofacial approach to the mid-face problems and Graves-Basedow disease treatments.


Auflage: 1. Auflage  Verlag: SEE Editrice - Firenze  Erscheinungsdatum: 01/2012  Seiten: ca. 560 pp.
Abbildungen: ca. 2.732 pictures  ISBN-13: 978-88-8465-063-4