Jones: Bostwick's Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery, 3rd Edition




The best just got better - much better!

For nearly two decades and two editions, Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery by John Bostwick III, MD has been widely recognized as the definitive breast surgery reference for surgeons around the world. Filled with the best techniques and expert instruction, it has guided countless surgical professionals to better outcomes and, as a result, has given thousands of patients a better outlook on life.

Winner of both the American Medical Illustrator's Award and the American Medical Writer's Award for the best medical book, this remarkable book has been widely praised by reviewers and readers alike as the "Bible of Plastic Surgery of the Breast."

Completely Updated and Revised Under New Editorship
Now this masterpiece has been totally updated and revised under the skilled guidance of its new author/editor, Dr. Glyn E. Jones, a highly talented surgeon and a close, former colleague of Dr. John Bostwick, the original author of this work whose guiding spirit and philosophy still pervade its pages. This third edition, Bostwick's Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery , pays full deference to John Bostwick's enormous contributions to the field. Dr. Jones continues the honored tradition of this book, adding his own considerable expertise to this master work and providing a personal and practical approach to the topic. He is assisted by a select group of internationally recognized contributors. Together these leading surgeons share their vast experience and clinical insights in plastic surgery of the breast and bring you the latest techniques and developments in the field. The result is a virtual goldmine of valuable information, tips and tricks, and step-by-step operative detail with many new features added to make the book more valuable.

Comprehensive Coverage
Volume I begins with a section on fundamentals that includes basic chapters on the patient/surgeon relationship and applied anatomy and aesthetics. A new chapter has been added on decision-making in implant selection, which updates the reader on device choices as well as their specifications, indications, advantages, and limitations with particular attention to the new cohesive gel offerings. Other chapters in this section focus on new techniques and concepts in breast imaging and the use of allograft materials in breast surgery. A new, cutting-edge chapter is included on fat grafting in the breast with a full exploration of its many applications. Chapters on augmentation, reduction, mastopexy, and aesthetic problems have been expanded and completely revised to reflect the newest aesthetic techniques and the current approaches of Dr. Jones and of contributing experts, Dr. Dennis Hammond, Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, and Dr. Gino Rigotti. An exciting new chapter by Dr. Peter Rubin thoroughly explores the hot topic of breast surgery in the massive-weight-loss patient with information on indications, choice of technique, step-by-step operative detail, and possible complications and their avoidance.

Volume II is dedicated to the difficult procedures and rewarding results that can be accomplished in breast reconstruction and includes extensive information the latest perforator flap (Dr. Peter Neligan) and oncoplastic techniques (Dr. Albert Losken) as well as new information on breast reconstruction after radiation, prophylactic mastectomy and BRCA patients, refinements in TRAM flap surgery, liposuction applications, free flaps, and much, much more.

Superbly Illustrated
The educational value of this 2-volume work is enormously enhanced by the superb medical illustrations that grace its pages. The new edition has beautiful new artwork that elegantly depicts important breast anatomy as well as the step-by-step surgical technique for each of the operations that are comprehensively described.

Now More Than Ever, This is the One Reference You Simply Must Own!
Like the first two editions, this masterpiece is a must for any professional performing breast surgery. Its clear organization, generous use of illustrations, and surgical guidance will improve your outcomes with your very next case.

What's New in this Remarkable Third Edition?
8 completely new chapters:

  • Decision-Making in Implant and Expander Surgery
  • Fat Grafting to the Breast
  • Technological Advances In Breast Surgery
  • Breast Surgery After Massive Weight Loss
  • Imaging of the Breast
  • Breast Cancer and High-Risk Breast Disease
  • Decision-Making in Breast Reconstruction
  • Oncoplastic Surgery

Major new sections on:

  • Perforator Flap Reconstruction
  • Vertical Mammaplasty With the Supero-Medial Pedicle Technique
  • Cohesive Gel Implants
  • Allograft Materials

Other new features include:

  • New author/editor
  • Select group of expert contributors
  • 4 DVDs with over 25 operative videos and video clips - videos all cited throughout the text
  • New design and new look
  • 4-color throughout
  • All new medical illustrations
  • More step-by-step operative sequences with detailed descriptions of technical nuances
  • Surgical plans to introduce operative techniques
  • Hundreds of new cases and technical descriptions
  • Clinical decision-making and algorithms
  • Clinical caveats and tips and tricks

What Remains the Same?
This magnificent book retains the format that made the first and second editions best sellers, including:

  • Superb quality
  • Semi-atlas format
  • Personal and inviting writing style
  • Consistent, comprehensive approach
  • Focus on aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery
  • 2-volume format

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2010. Hardcover, 1,800 pages and 5,000 illustrations. 2 Volumes with 4 DVDs containing operative video.