Nahai: The Art of Aesthetic Surgery: Principles and Techniques, 2nd Edition





Seldom does a book achieve status as a classic in its first edition, but The Art of Aesthetic Surgery by Foad Nahai has been hailed as a masterpiece from its first publication. Reviews have been universally laudatory, and residents and experienced practitioners alike have embraced this work as the ultimate resource on all things aesthetic.

Now, this landmark 3-volume set has been totally revised and updated with over 40 new chapters (many with new authors) and every chapter has been revised to reflect the latest trends, techniques, and information. This set also includes 7 DVDs with 24 operative videos!

What Makes This Book So Remarkable?

Comprehensive Coverage
The full range of cosmetic medical treatments and aesthetic operations are covered in depth in the 93 chapters in these 3 volumes. Tissue fillers, skin care, fat grafting, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, surgical and noninvasive and minimally invasive body contouring, body contouring after massive weight loss, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, face and neck lift, mastopexy, augmentation/mastopexy, breast augmentation and breast reduction are all covered in exquisite detail. Over 14 detailed clinical chapters are devoted to facial rejuvenation alone, ranging from the cheek lift to the MACS-lift to the extended SMASectomy technique. Other chapters focus on lip rejuvenation, otoplasty, hair transplantation, brow lift, facial implants, combination fat grafting, and rhytidectomy. To address the modern physician's need for business acumen as well as surgical skill, three major chapters focus on practice management and enhancement issues, ranging from practice model options, staff management, financial management, marketing and communications, and legal issues.

World-Renowned Authors
Dr. Foad Nahai is an acknowledged leader in aesthetic surgery. He has personally written a third of the chapters for this 3-volume work. His contributors represent the Who's Who of aesthetic surgery. These experts have provided detailed accounts of their techniques for the different operations as well as the planning process so crucial to producing excellent results.

Unique Features
Of particular note are the clinical decision-making chapters authored by Dr. Nahai; these invaluable chapters provide the reader with a unique overview of the various options for each problem, along with his preferred solutions. This problem-solving feature, complete with algorithms and case studies, offers readers the expert guidance necessary to sort through the options, understand their advantages and limitations, and select the best option for each patient. In addition, key chapters introducing each major anatomic region or topic area focus on applied anatomy and provide essential information that the surgeon needs to know to execute these surgical maneuvers safely and effectively.

What's New in this Incredible Second Edition?

  • 40 completely new chapters
  • Many new contributors
  • All chapters totally revised and updated
  • 7 DVDs with 24 operative videos
  • Videos referenced in text
  • Elegant new design enhances readability and access to key concepts
  • Numerous new cases and technical descriptions
  • More step-by-step operative sequences
  • Hundreds of new medical illustrations

What Remains the Same?

  • Superb quality
  • Large type for readability
  • Semi-atlas format with images located next to legend text
  • Beautiful medical illustrations
  • Consistent, comprehensive approach
  • World renowned editor and contributors
  • 3-volume format

Verlag: QMP, Erscheinungsdatum 2011.

Hardcover, 3 volumes, 3,187 pages, approximately 3,800 4-color illustrations.

7 DVDs containing 24 operative videos. ISBN: 978-1-57626-311-2